Fiji, Ono Island, Kadavu Resort, Private Luxury Accommodation - International Dining - Families with Children Welcome - long Beach - Great Astrolabe Reef - Fantastic Scuba Diving - Fantastic Snorkeling  - Manta Rays 5 minutes away - Nature trails.....and much more


IMAGINE only one Customer at a time.....

We take only one customer at a time. Imagine just you and/or your family and all of this and much more for you to enjoy.

Imagine the beach as pictured and only you on it is here.

Koromakawa Resort offers a beautiful, secluded, sandy beach, approximately 1 kilometer long with warm ocean waters. Our luxury accommodation, a single cottage, is tucked into a hill over looking the beach completed in 2006 on the Ono Island, Kadavu.Beachsouth

The twenty acre property is bordered on one side by 400 acres of native land and on the other by a pristine marine reserve. The abundance of oceanic life means there have been occasional sightings of Pilot Whales, Dolphins, Hammerhead sharks and even Orca’s near the Great Astrolabe Reef.

If you like Manta Rays, then we can almost guarantee you will be able to swim with them. Where we see them is a cleaning station, but not always do they seem to need cleaning, it appears. In five years, only 6 customers have failed to see them. The Manta Rays cleaning station is just 5 minutes away, by boat.

Manta Ray approachingThis picture was taken by our Canadian Customer while snorkeling in less than 20 feet of water.

Scuba tanks are not required.

There are extensive walking trails for you to explore the area during your stay. We also offer excursions to uninhabited nearby islands for a private picnic, bird viewing and snorkeling. We can also arrange for you to visit an authentic local village or school that will expose you to true Fijian hospitality.


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