Koromakawa Resort

 On 13 July 2008, is the date that will remain in our memories.  For that is the date we met our first Humpback Whale.  WOW!!  The experience was INCREDIBLE!!  Words can not describe our feelings.

How we met:  On the second day of our guests honeymoon we were diving southwest of the Usbourne passage in approximately 50 feet of water observing the beautiful coral on the Astrolabe reef, when out of the corner of my eye I caught something large. Imagine at 50 feet and something much larger than your boat moving close enough for the pictures attached.  As soon as we turned, this beautiful creature must have sensed our interest because he/she ascended to the surface for air and turned 180 degrees like a graceful ballerina and descended to our location.  Luckily the lady from Corsica still managed to take the attached pictures.  

 Humpback above us

Humpback coming back to check us out

Humpback with a whales eye view

Humpback eyeing us


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