Koromakawa Resort

 Yes, we are a ECO FRIENDLY resort.  Our resort was designed in such a way that nearly all of the electrical power is provided by SUN & WIND.  We recycle glass, oil, batteries, aluminium and properly dispose of those items we can not recycle so there is little harm/impact to the environment.

Electrical Power

Bergey 1000 watt Windmill/generators - povide power at all times when the tradewinds are blowing more than 7 miles an hour. The beauty of wind you can produce power day and night as long as the wind blows. 

Siemens/Sharp solar panels provide our electrical power as long as there is light.  Presently, we have 3000 watts of solar collectors.

All of the DC power provided by wind and solar is captured and stored in a battery bank consisting of 24 deep cycle batteries.  From the battery bank DC power in inverted into 120 volts 60 cycles AC power and distributed throughout the resort grounds.

Should everything above fail to produce the power needed by the resort, our 18,000 watt Kobuta generator kicks in to supply our needs.  Unfortunately, we do have to use this diesel powered generator at times, but over the last 3 years we have only needed to run it on average of 30 days a year.  So for 11 months or 330 days,  we are able to provide all of our power requirements via solar and wind.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.  If you considering adding solar to your existing/future business or home, it is worth it.  Breakeven is not immediate in terms of finance, but it will occur. Best of all you are participating in reducing the dependence on oil and improving the environment at the same time.  Wind power generation is not something you can do just anywhere.  If you have distance between your neighbors and the codes permit it, it may be viable where you live.  In every case consult an expert or blog sites on the internet.  There is plenty of information out there and it is not "Rocket Science".

Good Luck and hope we have a chance to show you our system.



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