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Wall_dive "Koromakawa's Diver Special"

As a PADI instructor, environmentalist and owner of a “Green Resort” I believe if people are going to understand that the Ocean is an eco system worth protecting we need to expose people to it.  Therefore, Koromakawa Resort is implementing the following enticement.

This is for those seeking the perfect place to vacation complete your Open Water Certification “FREE” then after certification dive the Astrolabe reef.   The “Catch”!  Before you arrive, you must complete Confined Water training and provide your PIC sheet and proof of your training. Book your vacation with us and I, a PADI instructor, will complete your open water certification at no additional charge. 

IMAGINE – no dive groups, just you!  You’re a name with us, not a number. The certification area is large, little or no current, white sandy bottom, perfect for demonstrating your mastery of the skills you learned in the confined water training.  Best of all, the Open Water area is in tropical waters and the review is held at reasonable pace.  We want you to complete your certification with demonstrated confidence in the skills learned during your confined water training.  

Because Koromakawa Resort takes only one customer at a time and we do not combine our dive trips or training with other resorts, you receive one on one review of your confined water skills.  No big groups, just you and me.  Skill requirements are worked on until PADI standards are achieved and you are comfortable in the new environment.

Diving the Great Astrolabe reef is a indescribable experience.  These pictures were taken by our guests who have given us permission to show you just a fraction of what you might see.Anemone_Fish

Certified Divers, we offer these Great rates!

Each time our boat goes out with a dive group (minimum of two), the charge is US$45 per person. After completing the first dive and the divers elect to make a second dive, the second dive is only US$35 per person. 

There will be no deviation from PADI safe practices for scuba diving and each dive is accompanied by a PADI instructor or Dive Master.  Let go diving!!

 Note: The pictures contained on this page are from our guests.  Thank you Charlie, Susan & Troy!


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